Mobile Applications: another option for students in upper-level vocational training in tourism


The technology can be applied in any aspect of life. Therefore, more and more people have a device with Internet access, not only to stay connected but also to enjoy both its city services as when traveling. Is the phenomenon of mobile applications where there are great opportunities for students in one of the higher-level vocational training in tourism Mediterranean EUT?

It has launched an app (available on iTunes for Apple and Google Android Play) that surely will interest them much to those who are being trained in one of the higher-level vocational training in tourism. It is a web service, more than useful for tourists in US and also for those living in the country. 

This application allows in only three steps to book a table at the nearest restaurant or desired, using the mobile. It also offers discounts captive up to 50% on the menus of the card and give the view of the experience in each store so others can read it before going. All this thanks to geo location, a new technology using the GPS coordinates of your phone can provide numerous services to users of third generation phones.

Moreover, students of higher level vocational training in tourism must also know the application that was developed to get a taxi in any US city, like ST Louis. Thanks to this new service, we request a car using mobile geo location. Without having to call the operator or the company, the taxi directly receives the signal and will get you, you are where you are.

Both programs show that the technology, once again, offers new business opportunities and services in any economic sector and tourism is countless new applications and business degree opportunities that either student in higher-level vocational training in tourism must advantage. With their training and experience, graduates of higher level vocational training in tourism will know what the new needs of visitors and offer them a new app so they can have a more enjoyable stay during the first leg of the day, during the first meal, in the afternoon or with the sun behind the mountains.

Currently, developing a mobile application is not complicated and can be very useful for all kinds of people. If you think about what the new XXI century tourists need to stay better is the first step towards a technological solution and future profit.

In EUT Mediterranean, which are formed in one of the higher-level vocational training in tourism have many opportunities to develop their own projects due to their excellent training, the facilities offered by the university to establish new businesses and the current changing market where every day is a new opportunity to develop a solution that is a success in the tourism sector. Take on your own project! What are you waiting to develop it?

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