Give your Facebook Page Posting Link a Better Attention

If you make some minor changes in your link post on Facebook page then you will get the better attention of your Facebook fans on that link.
You’re posted link on Facebook page get the lesser attention some time even if you have thousands of fans on your Facebook page. Did you ever find the reason why this has happened?
We will explain why, your Facebook fans not showing your Facebook page every time. They will mostly see when the posted link appears in their news feed. But how the link will appear in news feed is the main challenge. To make it happen you need to make some changes in the way of posting the link on your Facebook page. 
Facebook_Post_NewzwallAs a Google has its algorithms for which content has to show at which place or category the same way Facebook has its own algorithms show specific content in the news feed option. Here is the shortcut to get more attention of fans on the posted link on the page.
The trick is that you should not put the link as it is on the page with its auto generated title and description. Try to use a large image and on that image give the link and description as shown in the below snapshot. Put the link at the top of the description and start your description wording as your sharing some new news. The Facebook will consider first three lines of description for the news feed. Make your link URL shorter using “Short URL” so that you can get maximum space for writing a description for that link.
Once your link is highlighted in the news feed then we will sure that you will get more attention on that link from your Facebook page fans as they are giving before for normal posting.  The use of large images or snapshot of your link is that people get more attracted towards your post and if they share that post than the visibility of people get multiplied.
This is the best trick that we many times use for our page to get more visible from our Facebook fans. If you have your own page then you can also try age get the best result for your Facebook page.

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