WhatsApp bumps up group member limit to 256

logo-promoThe world’s most popular instant messaging app – WhatsApp – just got a minor update that many users would be happy about. WhatsApp has now updated its app to support more than 100 members within a group. The app now allows for up to 256 members to be added to a WhatsApp group. And while casual users will be happy, there are others who would be happy with this news as well.

Seems like WhatsApp is giving its users (or group admins) more reasons to stick around on its platform. While this is not a big deal for many (apart from the fact that group conversations will now get more meaningless), there is this other group of people that are currently using WhatsApp as a platform to run their business.

Users and admins are selling everything from outfits to accessories and even using the same for advertising down to carpooling groups and more. WhatsApp groups have grown in number and an additional 156 group members seems to make the deal even sweeter for such group admins.


Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets

Longer tweets are coming soon to Twitter.

Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to tweet things longer than the traditional 140-character limit, and the company is targeting a launch date toward the end of Q1, according to multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans. Twitter is currently considering a 10,000 character limit, according to these sources. That’s the same character limit the company uses for its Direct Messages product, so it isn’t a complete surprise.

There is no official launch date set in stone, these sources say. It’s also possible the character limit could fluctuate before it rolls out the final product, which people inside Twitter refer to as “Beyond 140.” Re/code first reported that Twitter was building a product like this back in September. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.


Mercedes-Benz inaugurates a new dealership in Mangalore

Mercedes-Benz expands its footprint in the country by inaugurating its state-of-art dealership in Mangalore and offering a world- class service to its patrons in the market. Mercedes-Benz is all set to captivate the discerning customers of Mangalore with the new dealership – Sundaram Motors, located at Summit, Airport Road, Marryhill in Mangalore. The dealership was inaugurated by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes- Benz India and Sharath Vijayaraghavan, Executive Director, Sundaram Motors.10-1439208989-mercedes-benz-india-mangalore-02

Speaking at the launch of the dealership in Mangalore, Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO,


Windows 10 hands on experience

As expected, the Start menu is the default if you use Windows 10 with a keyboard and mouse, though you can keep the full-screen Start screen if you prefer it. Even on the Start menu, you can pin Live Tiles in multiple sizes on the right, but on the left you also get the familiar list of pinned and recent applications, complete with jump lists for files, the search box that you can also use to run commands and a power button for shutting down or restarting your PC. You will also be provided with oneGet command line interface using which you can install the packages the way you install on Linux. I feel this new OS similar to Ubuntu. No menu colors throughout the system and feels good to work on this new interface. Booting speed is also quite less and you can open your system within 60 seconds.