Mercedes-Benz inaugurates a new dealership in Mangalore

Mercedes-Benz expands its footprint in the country by inaugurating its state-of-art dealership in Mangalore and offering a world- class service to its patrons in the market. Mercedes-Benz is all set to captivate the discerning customers of Mangalore with the new dealership – Sundaram Motors, located at Summit, Airport Road, Marryhill in Mangalore. The dealership was inaugurated by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes- Benz India and Sharath Vijayaraghavan, Executive Director, Sundaram Motors.10-1439208989-mercedes-benz-india-mangalore-02

Speaking at the launch of the dealership in Mangalore, Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO,


Windows 10 hands on experience

As expected, the Start menu is the default if you use Windows 10 with a keyboard and mouse, though you can keep the full-screen Start screen if you prefer it. Even on the Start menu, you can pin Live Tiles in multiple sizes on the right, but on the left you also get the familiar list of pinned and recent applications, complete with jump lists for files, the search box that you can also use to run commands and a power button for shutting down or restarting your PC. You will also be provided with oneGet command line interface using which you can install the packages the way you install on Linux. I feel this new OS similar to Ubuntu. No menu colors throughout the system and feels good to work on this new interface. Booting speed is also quite less and you can open your system within 60 seconds.



Microsoft Edge is way faster than other browsers; up to 112% faster than Chrome

Yes you read that right. After years of ridicule, Microsoft has claimed its latest browser Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome and Safari in their own benchmark tests! Not Microsoft benchmarks, but benchmarks created by Apple and Google teams. With the latest near-final version of Windows 10 released, Microsoft is adding finishing touches to the launchpad, and getting ready to ‘celebrate’ what is their biggest launch ever.


India’s IT Party is over. Reinvent yourself or suffer

India’s  IT industry is unlikely to remain the amazing job-engine that it has been. For the past two decades, the fastest way to increase your income has been to land a job with an IT company. The industry has provided a ticket to prosperity for millions of young Indians; children of security guards, drivers, peons and cooks catapulted themselves and their families firmly into the middle class in a single generation by landing a job in a BPO. Hundreds of engineering colleges mushroomed overnight churning out over a million graduates a year to feel the insatiable demand of India’s IT factories. 


WhatsApp voice calling available to all with version 2.12.19

WhatsApp’s voice calling functionality is perhaps one of the most ‘wanted’ features in the tech world off late: everybody seems to want it. After all, we all want what we can’t have, don’t we. WhatsApp started rolling out the feature for Android some two weeks ago while iOS users are still waiting patiently for it. Even though the feature is now live for Android, users need an invite from someone who has the feature running for them to get started.

Much to users’ relief and excitement, a new report now suggests that the feature may have finally gone open for Android users, meaning no longer you would need an invite or even a hack to enjoy WhatsApp voice calling. The startling revelation comes via folks from Android Police who have reported that the “service’s calling functionality now seems to be open” for Android users. 


DoT Reportedly Orders Blocking of 32 Websites Including iPage, Weebly, GitHub,, SourceForge in India

Many users on Twitter are claiming that several websites, including many software development resources such as GitHub and SourceForge, along with research resources like the Internet Archive have all been blocked on order of the Department of Telecom. A letter circulating online shows a list of 32 URLs that ISPs have reportedly been ordered to block, with most of these URLs being entire websites, instead of specific webpages that’s usually been the case with such blocks in the past.

We tried to verify the users’ claims, but on both our office broadband network, and also on Airtel and Vodafone 3G networks, all the sites were opening properly at the time of writing. Interestingly, many of the sites failed the load at the first try, but simply hitting refresh once solved the problem.